What You Can Learn From Sitegrounds SEO Domination

This is a guest post by Steven Johnson from InTownWebDesign, following up from our post earlier this week: Siteground.com and Their Search Results Domination. In this article, Steven explains how Siteground's multiple feeder sites area part of a larger strategy that you can utilise in your industry.

SiteGround's Strategy

  1. They understand their product, Web Hosting.  They also understand how to tailor and sell their produt to different niches.
  2. They have created a great central site.  The site is clean simple, and has a clear call to action on each page.
  3. They have created several feeder sites.  The site promote the main site.  Many of the feeder sites appear to have no affiliation with the main site.  On the main site they referrence one of their feeder sites as ranking them number one.
  4. They understand SEO and SEM.   All of their pages have good meta keyword titles and descriptions and url structure.
  5. They have a clear vision.  The most important part is they had a clear vision of what they wanted to accomplish and they stuck with it.
  6. They have been executing this plan for a while.  The domains have been registered and active for a few years.   Time giving them priority in the search engines.

Siteground is a web based business allowing them to really understand how powerful SEO and SEM can be.  Web Hosting is an extremely competitive niche and they are doing very well in it.  If other companies in less competitive niches invested the time and effort they also would be able to own their niche.

I would say that the most important elements of Sitegrounds SEM campaign is:

understanding your product and market

understanding your desired keywords and terms

clear vision of how you are going to rank for those tems 

Patients.  It can take a while to start moving up in the result pages. 


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