Sponsored Review of Forums-Free.com

This is a sponsored review from errr .. SponsoredReviews.com.
I don’t do many of these before, but I’m working late, watching a soccer / football games to start and doing a review seems like fun. There are several
requests waiting so it only seemed fair to tackle the first one in the
list … Forums-Free.com.

The site is, as the name implies, a free forum hosting website. It allows you to create forum boards with phpBB3. Its a free forum but is it any good?

  • Domain name: You need to use a subdomain on their
    domain name. That works for Ning.com which is short and memorable, but
    I’m not sure about a hyphenated name.
  • Signing-up: I was impressed. Their process is smooth and quick.
  • Individuality:  You get a choice of 40 phpBB3 themes.
  • Technical problems:
    I created a forum and was immediately greeted by some MySQL errors on
    the frontend and a 500 error on the backend. Turns out the set-up sent
    me to the wrong URL. Once I typed in the right one, the forum was
    up-and-running perfectly.
  • Is it worth it? The proof of
    that pudding with these free sites is long term. Will they be around
    for the long haul? Will they update regularly and successfully? That’s a risk … whether you take it depends on how much money you have to run your site.

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