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Sponsored Review of WebHostingReport.com

This is an interesting review request that popped up in our inbox. WebHostingReport.com is a good domain name but a somewhat thin affiliate site. It aims to rank for hosting, blog hosting, cheap web hosting and other keyword terms.

The site doesn’t have much going for it in terms of interest, but its a nice example of targeted lead generation. To me it looks like more a more sophisticated version of the Siteground promotional sites we discussed last year.

  • A short list of five hosts, with one favored host almost always on top
  • Lots of interlinking for keywords
  • A small collection of generic articles on the topic

These tactics work, particularly with a valuable .com domain name. The site ranks very well for its exact matches such as “web hosting report” and “web hosting reports”.

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Review of AdminPraise2 Template

AdminPraise2 Login

This is a review of the AdminPraise2 template from JoomlaPraise. In fact I should clarify that description: AdminPraise2 is only a template in the way that some of the largest and most ambitious frontend templates are … closer to an serious of extensions than a simple template. AdminPraise2 changes the look and feel of Joomla’s administrator area but also adds an enormous amount of functionality.

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I was dreading this particular review as so many exchange hosting companies have well-earned poor reputations. Not so with SherWeb:

  • Quality website – check
  • Live phone numers – check
  • An active blog – check

They even have a high percentage of praise on review sites – that’s highly unusual as normally just the angry customers both to post. Essentially they offer sharepoint web hosting from around $10 per month. I’m more of a Basecamp fan but a lot of companies still need a hosted sharepoint solution.

The company doesn’t have a huge online brand or great SEO currently, but the present themselves well, seem to be building a good reputation and I’d give them a whirl if I needed their kind of services.

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Sponsored Review of Forums-Free.com

This is a sponsored review from errr .. SponsoredReviews.com.
I don’t do many of these before, but I’m working late, watching a soccer / football games to start and doing a review seems like fun. There are several
requests waiting so it only seemed fair to tackle the first one in the
list … Forums-Free.com.

The site is, as the name implies, a free forum hosting website. It allows you to create forum boards with phpBB3. Its a free forum but is it any good?

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Sponsored Review of StylishWebdesign.us

This is a sponsored review from errr .. SponsoredReviews.com. I’ve never done one of these before, but I’m up early on a Saturday morning, in the U.S. and waiting for English football games to start on Irish TV (!) and doing a review seems like fun. There are several requests waiting so it only seemed fair to tackle the first one in the list … stylishwebdesign.us.
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Sponsored Review of College Website

It looks like online colleges are a hot niche in SEO for 2010. These for-profit colleges like Kaplan and the University of Phoenix need to keep churning out 1000s of new students each month and so happily pay fat referral fees. This can lead to some scandals as they push too hard. But as the mortgage business collapsed and left a lot of affiliates with less revenue, it looks as if education might step up to fill the gap. One such site is bestcollegesonline.net which covers online colleges and universities. Expect many more to follow.

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