Sponsored Review of StylishWebdesign.us

This is a sponsored review from errr .. SponsoredReviews.com. I’ve never done one of these before, but I’m up early on a Saturday morning, in the U.S. and waiting for English football games to start on Irish TV (!) and doing a review seems like fun. There are several requests waiting so it only seemed fair to tackle the first one in the list … stylishwebdesign.us.

What I Like About the Design

  • The flexible design is smoothly done. Lots of variable-width websites look like a complete mess on really wide or really narrow screens.
  • The color scheme works well. The colors are warm and well-chosen.

What I Don’t Like About the Design

  • The header is much too big. Theres a lot of wasted real estate above the menu. I suspect this is a result of using a variable-width design.
  • The menu almost works. The flap that appears next to the active menu item is a nice trick, but it just doesn’t feel natural. It confused me more than it impressed me.

SEO on the Site

  • Poor Page Titles. Search Google for stylishwebdesign.us and you’ll see that the page titles are often just one or two undescriptive words. The custom design and design directory pages are meant to be the site anchors but neither the page titles or text on the page will help them rank well.
  • A directory and webdesign service. I’m not sure that these two aims fit well together from an SEO or business point of view. Why would you link to rival companies from your own website, even for a small fee?

A Couple of Issues With the Site

  • They use .us but are they really from the U.S.? The slightly substandard English and registration in Sweden makes the choice of .us slightly odd. Why not be honest about who you are.
  • What’s unique? Having gone through so SEO reviews of so many sites, the key question I’m often left with is: "what’s special about this site? Why would anyone remember this site  and prefer it over rivals?" At the moment there isn’t much special about stylishwebdesign.us. I’d advise them to let their real personality show. Big companies are often actively looking for help from other countries and a site that openly admits to being Swedish is much more memorable than one that attempts to be a bland U.S. site.

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