Review of RSForm Pro

RSForm ProThis is a sponsored review of the RSForm extension. For details of having your extension reviewed, please contact us. Note that a sponsored review doesn’t mean I’ll like the product, just that I’ll take the time to review it thoroughly.

I’ve used dozens of form generators for Joomla over the years and even now there’s over 20 to choose from on the Joomla Extensions Directory. I’ve found they come on a curve. They run all the way from super-basic (the old Performs) to super-complex (Fabrik). For me, RSForm is in the middle:

RSForm Advantages

  • Usability: I’ve given RSForm to non-technical clients and they’ve always found it easy to create forms.
  • Database: Unlike other forms extensions its really, really easy to make sure all submissions are recorded in the database and then exported.
  • Support: I’ve had a lot of RSForm questions and always received good support from Mihaela and Alex.
  • Price. At 10 Euros per site for basic version and 19 Euros for the advanced, its very reasonably priced.
  • Developer Website: RSJoomla used to have one of the most awkward developer sites around. Congrats on updating it!

RSForm Disadvantages

  • Design. The default layouts aren’t very pretty. To get a good looking design you’ll need to edit the HTML code, which means the forms won’t update automatically when you make changes.
  • Spam. We still do get a good amount of spam through RSForm Pro, even if the captcha is turned on. I suspect they’ll need to investigate integration with a spam-blocking system.

The Verdict on RSForm Pro

It remains my favorite, hassle-free form creator for Joomla. It doesn’t have the power and huge range of options provided by some others, but its solid, reliable and very easy to use.

Over to You …

I know a lot of have already tried RSForm Pro. What do you think … ?

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