Virtuemart SEO 3 – Sitemaps

Virtuemart SEOToday’s Virtuemart SEO tip is short and sweet: how to set up a sitemap for Virtuemart.

First Choice

By far the best choice is the SEF Service Map in combination with its Virtuemart plugin. After installing the SEF Service Map, download the plugin and upload it to /administrator/components/com_sefservicemap.

This plugin provides quite a few options including the ability to show/hide products and categories, and show/hide product and category descriptions. It also includes a .txt site map for Yahoo.

Second Choice

If you prefer not to add VM products to you main Site Map, Alejandro Kurczyn over on the Virtuemart forums has designed a way to generate a standalone map for VM.

Livemap is a single file that can be uploaded to your root folder and then added to Google’s Webmaster Console.

Third Choice

Joomap. We recommend this for many sites, but why not VM sites? Simple – it only lists VM categories, whereas the ideal tactic is to concentrate on having individual product pages indexed.

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