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Virtuemart SEO 5 – Metadata

Virtuemart SEO

Some components to a great job of incorporating basic SEO ideas giving you the chance to add metadata, unique page titles and more. Other components are so stubbornly opposed to basic SEO thats its best to just tell Google to…

Virtuemart SEO 4 – Analytics

Virtuemart SEO

Google Analytics is far and away the most common statistics package for webmasters to use. Thats particularly true for ecommerce webmasters who often appreciate the fact that it integrates with AdWords. There’s one problem: using GA in a mambot or…

Virtuemart SEO 3 – Sitemaps

Virtuemart SEO

Today’s Virtuemart SEO tip is short and sweet: how to set up a sitemap for Virtuemart. First Choice By far the best choice is the SEF Service Map in combination with its Virtuemart plugin. After installing the SEF Service Map,…

Virtuemart SEO 1 – Beware of the Modules

Virtuemart SEO

Every day this week we’re providing tips and tricks to help you improve the Search Engine Optimization of your Virtuemart shopping cart. Tip 1:  Beware of Virtuemart’s Modules We’ve talked often before about Duplicate Content and how it can cause…