Virtuemart SEO 5 – Metadata

Virtuemart SEOSome components to a great job of incorporating basic SEO ideas giving you the chance to add metadata, unique page titles and more. Other components are so stubbornly opposed to basic SEO thats its best to just tell Google to ignore them altogether.

Virtuemart is somewhere in between. Its has been getting better of recent months, but one area in which it still needs improvement is metadata – it doesn’t allow you to add any at all.

Whats the solution? ….

How to Add Metadata to Virtuemart

Simple. You need to use a Search Engine Friendly URL Component. In terms of being easy to use, I prefer Artio SEF to sh404SEF and SEF Advance (sorry Yannick and Emir) but all three allow you to add metadata to Virtuemart.

Artio does a very good job of wrapping up the URL and metadata in one page so that you can control all aspects of a page without jumping back and forth. With Artio SEF and SEF Advance you can do exactly the same thing but you need to edit the URL and the metadata in separate parts of the component. You also need to manually cut and paste each URL into the metadata area.

2009 Update: try iJoomla SEO

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