Our Joomla Training Classes Are Now Available Online

Remember that big countdown clock on the side of our site … this is what it was leading up to:

We’ve become the #1 Joomla training company by running 100’s of training classes in over 30 cities from Alaska to London, including 18 classes in the last week of January alone. However, we still get plenty of emails like this:

  • “Will you be holding any classes in North Dakota?”
  • “Any chance of a Joomla session in Australia?”
  • “Do you offer Joomla training in the Middle East?”

We could never go to all those places in person, so we’ve made the logical decision to put our classes online.

Tell Me More About the Online Classes

Together with one of our best teachers I’ve been busy creating professionally-produced training videos and tutorials. We used exactly the same material as they do with live training. Currently the Beginner and SEO classes are available with the Intermediate and Template Design classes following shortly.

We’re also improving our support forum by guaranteeing a response to all your Joomla questions within 24 hours.

Why Sign Up?

  • You’ll lock in that price forever, even when we add several more classes.
  • You’ll have access to 100’s of tutorials and videos from the #1 Joomla training company.
  • You’ll get lessons road-tested with 1000s of Joomla students.
  • We’ll provide a 100% refund if you’re not happy at any point during your training.
  • You’ll get a free copy of the Breeze and Bolt templates from Alledia.com.

Your Benefits

More VideosMore Videos Learn visually More SupportMore Support Real solutions More ValueMore Value Less money
More TutorialsMore Tutorials How-to guides More TeachersMore Teachers Joomla experts More StudentsMore Students Diverse answers


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Why Choose Us

  • You’ll have access 100s of training tutorials and videos from the #1 Joomla training company
  • You’ll get lessons road-tested by dozens of Joomla teachers and 1000s of Joomla students
  • We guarantee a response to all your Joomla questions within 24 hours
  • We’ll provide a 100% refund if you’re not happy at any point during your training
  • You’ll get a free copy of the Breeze and Bolt templates from Alledia.com ($120 value)

Your Joomla Teachers

We have more than a dozen teachers across North America and the United Kingdom. Two are particularly heavily involved with the online Joomla classes. They’ll be the people presenting the material and helping you out most often in the support forum:

Rod Martin

Rod Martin

Rod is the owner of NavigateTomorrow, a web design firm that started in Canada and moved to the U.S. a few years ago. He has been training people how to do “things” for over 20 years and brings great Joomla! experience to the table. Rod specializes in the small business and non-profit sectors, so he understands the needs of beginner and intermediate Joomla! users. Rod has been a teacher for many years in the public-education and corporate sectors. He currently teaches university classes in the evening. His engaging training style will help you remember the training content and help you apply the lessons learned to building your Joomla sites.

Steve Burge

Steve Burge

Steve is the founder of Open Source Training. Originally from Portsmouth in the U.K., he lives in Atlanta in the U.S.A.. He was a professional teacher in England, Japan, Australia and the United States before moving into web design. In 2005, he founded Alledia.com which grew into a leading provider of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services for Joomla. He wrote the best-selling Joomla SEO Book, created highly-optimized templates and wrote a blog which has grown into perhaps the most popular in the Joomla world. Steve is an active member of the CMS community. He is an Editor at the Joomla Extensions Directory and now runs the Atlanta Joomla User Group which has grown to two monthly meetings and several hundred members.


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An Overview of Our Joomla Beginner Class

We have our beginner and Search Engine Optimization classes online. We use the same material as we have for teaching 1000s of students in classrooms around the world:


  • Session 1: Introduction to the Course
  • Session 2: How to get the most out of the Course
  • Session 3: What is Joomla / What is a Content Management System?
  • Session 4: Resources you’ll need for the course
  • Session 5: DON’T skip this video!

The Basics

  • Session 6: One Click Installs
  • Session 7: Installing Joomla to work on your Mac
  • Session 8: Installing Joomla to work on your PC
  • Session 9: Navigating the Joomla Interface

The Site Menu

  • Session 10: The Menu
  • Session 11: User Manager
  • Session 12: Global Configuration
  • Session 13: Changing the “Site Offline” Logo
  • Session 14: Site Activities

The “Menus” Menu

  • Session 15: Menu Manager
  • Session 16: Linking to a Article
  • Session 17: Linking to a Blog
  • Session 18: Site Activities

The Articles Menu

  • Session 19: The Joomla Workflow
  • Session 20: Article Management
  • Bonus Session: Installing JCE
  • Session 21: Global Parameters
  • Session 22: Creating an Article
  • Session 23: Inserting and Formatting Text
  • Session 24: Inserting and Formatting Images and Multimedia
  • Session 25: Advanced Parameters
  • Session 26: Site Activities
  • Session 27: Helpful Extensions for Article Management


  • Session 28: Overview and Definitions
  • Session 29: Finding the Right Extensions
  • Session 30: Site Activities

Components Menu

  • Session 31: Banners
  • Session 32: Contacts
  • Session 33: Newsfeeds
  • Session 34: Polls
  • Session 35: Search
  • Session 36: Weblinks

The Extensions Menu

  • Session 37: Extensions Manager
  • Session 38: The Module Manager
  • Session 39: Built-in Modules
  • Session 40: Adding a New Module
  • Session 41: Site Activities


  • Session 42: Introduction / Overview


  • Session 43: What is a Template?
  • Session 44: Installing Templates
  • Session 45: Modifying Your Template
  • Session 46: Site Activities

The Tools Menu

  • Session 47: Tools

Joomla Security

  • Session 48: Keeping Your Site Secure

Wrap Up

  • Session 49: Site Activities
  • Session 50: Wrap Up


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An Overview of Our Joomla SEO Class


  • Session 1: Welcome to the Joomla Search Engine Optimization Class

Setting Up Your Joomla Site

  • Session 2: Delete the Sample Content
  • Session 3: Redirect non-WWW to WWW


  • Session 4: Understanding Metadata
  • Session 5: Creating Metadata
  • Session 6: Metadata and Joomla
  • Session 7: Automatic Metadata
  • Session 8: Understanding the Alias

RSS Feeds

  • Session 9: Understanding RSS Feeds
  • Session 10: Creating a Joomla RSS Feed


  • Session 11: Understanding Sitemaps
  • Session 12: Creating a Joomla Sitemap
  • Session 14: Site Activities

Search-Engine Friendly URLs

  • Session 13: Why Use Search Engine Friendly URLs
  • Session 14: Understanding Default Joomla URLs
  • Session 15: Joomla 1.5 Search Engine Friendly URLs
  • Session 16: Choosing a Joomla URL Extension


  • Session 17: Installing Google Analytics
  • Session 18: Do Not Use Joomla Analytics Extensions
  • Session 19: Google Analytics Goals
  • Session 20: Tracking Joomla Searches

Duplicate Content

  • Session 21: Understanding Duplicate Content
  • Session 22: Less is More
  • Session 23: Removing Unwanted Pages
  • Session 24: Other Sites Duplicating Your Content

Internal Linking

  • Session 25: Understanding Internal Linking
  • Session 26: Use More Modules
  • Session 27: Understanding Pagination
  • Session 28: Understanding Breadcrumbs

Site Speed

  • Session 29: Understanding Your Site Speed
  • Session 30: Easy Joomla Speed Improvements

Migrating To or From Joomla

  • Session 31: Understanding Site Migrations
  • Session 32: Migrating Joomla 1.0 to 1.5

Domain Names

  • Session 33: Choosing a Domain Name
  • Session 34: Country Code Domain Names

International Sites

  • Session 35: International Sites
  • Session 36: Automatic Translation Tools

Social Networking

  • Session 37: When to Use Social Networking
  • Session 38: Indexing User Profile Pages

External Links

  • Session 39: Joomla and Google News
  • Session 40: Understanding Reciprocal Links
  • Session 41: Understanding Web 2.0 Links

Site Content

  • Session 42: Understanding Site Content
  • Session 43: Creating Targeted Pages
  • Session 44: Understanding Site Architecture
  • Session 45: Main Menu Links


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