Drupal’s Founder Tries to Emulate Red Hat

Acquia DrupalCan I pat myself on the back? 18 months ago, I asked if Drupal or Joomla could produce a company like Red Hat.

It turns out that Drupal’s founder Dries Buytaert wants to do just that. At the beginning of this year, his company Acquia received $7 million in venture capital funding.

Where has that money gone? Over at Information Week, Acquia marketing VP explains

  • What’s the plan? Package Drupal, test it, do additional security reviews of it and deliver it.
  • How do they make money? Subscriptions to the Acquia
    Network. That provides tech support, network services — which includes
    things like spam blocking, automatic updates, uptime monitoring, and
    system tracking. They also provide a single maintenance dashboard to manage all of a company’s Drupal installations.
  • Do any big companies use it? Flex.org by Adobe is the only one they gave away.

In a blog post later this week I’m going to talk about some companies that don’t quite have $7 million in their back pocket, but are trying to provide managed Joomla install packages

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