5 Thoughts from the CMS Expo

CMS Expo1) Organization

Wow – outstanding. Both Expos have run like clockwork. If you think Open Source people are flakes, you haven’t seen an event organized by John, Linda and their team from Chicago.

2) Core + Commercial

It was great to see Anthony from the Joomla core in attendance. Hopefully we’ll see commercial developers at April’s Joomla Day in Las Vegas.

3) Networking

Where else can you get your head together with dozens of the best Joomla developers and entrepreneurs for several days? Not everyone will walk away from conferences like this with a large new contract, but if you lay the groundwork in advance, its the place to to get Joomla business done.

4) We’re Klutzes

  • One speaker (who’ll remain nameless) couldn’t change the battery in his fire alarm without breaking ribs.
  • A whole bunch of speakers sprained legs, arms and backs on the ski slopes.
  • I went to the airport, walked through security and realised my wife’s car keys were still in my pocket. Cue an embarrassing turnaround, a quick drive home and a later flight.

5) Catch up if you weren’t there

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