America’s Top Universities Run on Joomla

ivy leagueThis is the outcome of various Twiter conversations over the last few days. I mentioned that the University of Washington ran Joomla on lots of sites and people started tweeting back about other top colleges using Joomla. So, with a hat tip to compassdesign, zuno, corywebb, joomladaylasvegas, mozami and more, here’s what I’ve found so far:

All Eight Ivy League Universities!

Other Top Colleges

  • Michigan State University: link
  • Oklahoma State University: link
  • University of Delaware: link
  • University of Georgia: link
  • University of Massachusets: link
  • University of Southern California: link
  • University of North Carolina: link
  • University of Washington: link

Over to you … do you know of others? Are we breeding a generation of open source users in today’s colleges?

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