BP Uses Joomla for Energy Biosciences Institute

EBI-LogoThe EBI is a partnership between Britsh Petroleum (although it always goes by BP in the United States) plus a group of leading universities that includes the University of California, Berkeley; the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; and the University of Illinois.

It’s one the largest joint initiatives between a private corporation and a public university in history and has stirred some debate.

They’ve just got a new Joomla site at http://energybiosciencesinstitute.com

The site was built by Isham and his team at Creative Mischief in Atlanta. They were also responsible for last year’s Burger King promotion using Joomla.

Another New Environmental Site

It might not have $500 million behind it, but there’s a well-designed new Joomla site called Greenobile.com that has just launched. Lots of interesting features to look out for here:

  • An interesting design by Chung Dha and Steve Hannisdal
  • JomSocial used for the community
  • Custom Mootools scripts for the image/title replace in the front page slider and the auto-hiding login box.
  • reCaptcha integrated into the com_user component.

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