British Telecom Rolling Out Joomla To Customers

British Telecom JoomlaWe had a student at our Cambridge class who put me on this trail of this … apparently British Telecom are rolling out Joomla for nearly all of their customers’ websites. With the exception of e-commerce,it seems to be their default system for building customer sites. For those of you not familiar with BT, it is far and away the biggest telecom company in the U.K.

British Telecom and Joomla

  • A Google search shows 2,700 sites with credits showing they were built by BT.
  • Price start at ?999 or $1600 per site. It seems that they actually do original designs, rather than using stock templates. Oh, and they’re smart enough to add JCE for all their customers. Also used are Joomap, SW Menu Pro, Simple Gallery and Phil Taylor’s Forms Component.
  • From the student’s experience, the build process and follow-up support were both pretty good. I asked him to contact them about a particular issue and he had a detailed reply within an hour.

Do you have any experience with customers or friends using Joomla services from BT or other large companies?

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