Joomla Templates Influence Drupal and WordPress

Lets be honest, the variety, quality and low cost of Joomla templates far outshines most other CMSs. More than anything else, its the reason I hear from people when they decide on Joomla.

No surprise then that Joomla’s templates are being imitated:

WordPress: $59.99 for the template.

Drupal: Apparently they initially intended to sell these templates but have since decided to offer them for free. Take a close look and you’ll notice:

  • The very Joomlaish block positions, User1, User 2, User 3 etc.
  • The demo is directly modeled after Joomla template clubs.
  • Their templates actually make it easy to use dropdown menus in Drupal. That has long been major Drupal design weakness.
  • The similarity of LiteJazz to’s Colormatic template.

I’m sure it won’t be long before monthly template clubs are available for both Drupal and WordPress.

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