Adding Login and Logout Buttons to Joomla

Are you fed up with little square grey boxes saying "login" and then "logout" on your Joomla site. Here's how to liven up your login box.

1) Make 2 little graphics – one saying "login" and one saying "logout". 70 pixels wide and 20 pixels high is a nice size. Upload them to the /images folder as login.gif and logout.gif

2) Go to /language/english.php and replace DEFINE('_BUTTON_LOGIN','Login'); with DEFINE('_BUTTON_LOGIN',''); and also replace DEFINE('_BUTTON_LOGOUT','Logout'); with DEFINE('_BUTTON_LOGOUT','Logout');  This means no text will sit on top of your images.

3) Upload the new mod_login.php to your /modules folder. Click here to download it . If your files are png or jpg instead of login.gif, search the code and update with the new extension.

And you're done! 3 simple steps to a livelier site.

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