How to Control the “Read More” on Joomla’s Frontpage

A simple tip today. This small Joomla code hack is designed to help those of you who have a lot of people submitting content to their site.


Everyone writes and submits in their own way, so its easy to end up with some contributors just writing a single line in the "intro" box and others entering their whole article.


With this hack, it doesn’t matter. You can cut off all frontpage items with a "Read More…" after 200 words, giving your site a clean, professional look.


Inside /components/com_content/content.html.php you need to scroll down to line 520.


Simply replace these lines:


                // displays Item Text

                echo ampReplace( $row->text );

with these lines:

if( !isset( $_GET[‘id’] ) ){

                    $explded = explode( " ", $row->text, 201 );

                    $explded[200] = ”;

                    //echo implode( " ", $explded );

                    //if( count( $explded )== 201 ) echo ‘&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href=’.$e[‘titleLink’].’">(more…)</a>’;

                    echo ampReplace( implode( " ", $explded ) );

                    if( count( $explded )== 201 ) echo ‘&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=’.$row->id.’&Itemid=2">(more…)</a>’;                

                    echo ‘<!– ‘;

                    print_r( $params );

                    print_r( $row );

                    echo ‘–>’;



                // displays Item Text

                echo ampReplace( $row->text );


Want longer or shorter teasers? Simply replace 200 and 201 with the number of words you’d like to see before the "Read More…" sign.


Click here to download the file.