Joomla Weekly News Hits the Shelves

joomla-weekly-news.pngOne of the most interesting Joomla developments in 2007 has been a new magazine created every week by one man – Brian Teeman, a former member of the Joomla core team. 


Each weekly release has the following features: 


  • A focus on a particular theme. Week 5 had the theme of "hunger" and Week 6 was "Africa". Brian hunts down and reviews around a dozen quality Joomla sites in each niche.
  • An update of all the latest extensions released for Joomla.
  • Five minute interviews with key figures in the Joomla world.
  • An overview of the latest code changes in the run-up to the release of Joomla 1.5.
  • A weekly rant about a Joomla topic that makes someone mad.


It really is a labor of love for Brian and that attention shines through the PDFs.

You can read the discussion about each issue in the Joomla forums and you can download each issue from the Joomla forge.

Issue #7 is due out tomorrow (Sat, Feb. 23rd) and the theme is going to be "Television". It would be great if as many Joomla people as possible could subscribe, contribute and support to Brian in his work.

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