The 5 Best Joomla Tutorials Ever!

Yesterday, I read a tutorial by Copyblogger, explaining how to write attention-grabbing blog headlines. So excuse today’s exclamation mark and over enthusiasm in the headline – I’m still practising the secret of better blogging (#2)! Before your patience runs out, here’s a list of our favorite Joomla tutorials showing how you can get rid of frustration once and for all (#5) and how you can build a Joomla website you can be proud of (#9):


  1.’s Understanding Joomla / Mambo CSS in 5 minutes. This is good enough to be part of the official documentation. I often give this to designers wanting to learn more about Joomla or clients who want to learn how to modify there own site. Its graphical, its comprehensive, its great.
  2. Barrie North’s Joomla Template Tutorial. The original and best guide to building a Joomla template from scratch. Its recently been updated for Joomla 1.5 (zip file). Start knowing nothing about Joomla and
  3. This is a new and improved variation on the Flash tutorials format initially produced by JoomlaTutorials is easier to navigate and less cluttered with ads than its predecessor. They have a large series of clearly explained and useful video tutorials.
  4. Joe Orr’s How to Install Open-SEF. Not the most comprehensive or most flashy, but perhaps the most important tutorial you can read for your Joomla site. Open-SEF is rapidly becoming such a powerful tool that you really need to look into its features and consider using it on your site.
  5. Cory Webb’s Not really organized, but this is a great site for browsing through and picking up tips and tricks.


Have we missed any? Contact us via the comments form below and we’ll add them to the list.

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