The World’s Most Popular Joomla Sites

Joomla Web TrafficBrian Teeman posted earlier this week about which tries to find the most visited Joomla sites. The results were somewhat strange with quite a few minor sites appearing high up. On closer inspection it seems that the major problem was their methodology was using, a notoriously unreliable guide to website traffic numbers.

So I’d like to open this up to community. What do you think are the most heavily trafficed Joomla sites? I’m particularly interested to hear from any of you with traffic numbers for large sites. Using and data the sites have published about themselves, here’s my opening guess for the top 10 most popular sites using Joomla:

  1. (modified Joomla platform, over 200 million page views per month)
  2. (over 5 million uniques per month)
  3. (3.5 million uniques and 12.5 million page views per month)
  4. (over 2.2 millions uniques per month)

Close contenders:

  • (2.5 million page views per month)

Understanding that there won’t be a 100% right answer to this question, lets see if we can have the best possible guess at the top 10 most popular Joomla sites.

My suspicion is that any site will need at least 1/2 million uniques per month to compete and that the final top 10 will getting over 1 million per month. Over to you … what sites can crack this list?

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