Add your Virtuemart Products to Froogle

I’m very careful about recommending products on this blog, plugging only about 10% of the stuff that gets sent. Thats mainly because so many developers harvest email addresses and send out a mass mailing. Just a two-line, personalised message and a sample of the product is enough to get my interest.

It also helps if something comes from a friend who doesn’t know you’re going to give them a mention.

Today, I got a very pleasant surprise from Ian from, who’ve worked with for a long time. His first commercial product came out today and its a great start – its a RSS Feeder for Virtuemart. It allows you to submit a feed of all your products to Google’s shopping search engine. It works out of the box and without any hacks. Its simple to set up and the demonstration video gives you a good idea of what it can do.

So, no affiliate links, no paid posting, just a recommendation. Its a good product.

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