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SEO eBook Winners and Free PR6 Links

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The two winners of our final SEO eBook competition were noneck and David Towers. Congrats, guys. If you can email me via the contact form, I’ll send the prizes. Also, we’re now giving away free Page Rank 6 links. There’s…

Free Copy of the Joomla SEO eBook Part 2

SEO eBook

This week is the second week of our special month-long competition here at Alledia. Answer a simple question and you can win a free copy of our Joomla SEO eBook. This week’s first question: "Recently I’ve seen people talk about…

Easily Become a Joomla SEO eBook Affiliate

Last month we launched the complete SEO guide to Joomla, and today we’re happy to be rolling out? an affiliate program. We’re using the iDevAffiliate integration from, which allows us to completely integrate the affiliate program into Joomla and…